Arbo en milieu bij Huntsman

The article describes activities and actions within the Huntsman Alcohol project: • no alcohol at work, or during lunches, dinners. Only during jubilee tents (one or two times a year), employees can drink alcohol. But everyone is or advised to use taxis which teh company pays for. • Training In 2000 the leaders are trained by the NIGZ. The aim of the training was to gather knowledge and understanding of the effects of alcohol and unsafe drinking practices of employees such as drinking at work or outside work, excessive use, etc. • Identify and use personal (rescue) path Also discussed were measures to be taken when suspicion arises that an employee is misusing alcohol. It is then discussed with the employee and if necessary a rescue path is offered. If an employee is suspected of alcohol at work, a voluntary alcohol or blood test offered. If this test indicates that the person is under the influence of alcohol, he or she receives a verbal warning. If it happens again, he/she receives a written warning. Also an employee may be temporarily suspended or even dismissed. The alcohol policy has led to less absenteeism and greater clarity about the rules for all concerned. The management of the company is satisfied with the results of the alcohol project, but it takes extra effort in order to maintain knowledge/awareness of managers.

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