Arbeidsomstandigheden Wet / Arbowet [Working Conditions Act]

The basis of the Working Conditions Act is ensuring safe and healthy working conditions. This is the responsibility of both the employer and the employee. Article 3: working conditions The work should not adversely affect the welfare, health and safety of workers. Risky working should therefore be reduced as much as possible. The probability that someone develops an alcohol problem can be increased by some work-related issues. Employers should check what conditions increase the risk of alcohol consumption. This may be in the mandatory Risk Inventory and Evaluation (RI & E) and the accompanying plan (Article 5). Article 8: Information and education Employers have a duty to inform employees about hazardous working conditions and the measures that can be taken in order to reduce risks. Article 11: General obligations of employees Employees are required to become more aware of health and safety hazards. In addition, the worker must ensure his/her own welfare, health and safety and that of others.
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