Integrating Health Promotion Interventions for Hazardous and Harmful Alcohol Consumption into Primary Health Care Professionals’ Daily Work STRATEGY FOR ITALY

The aim of this contribution is to develop a country-based strategy for the implementation of a programme to integrate interventions for hazardous and harmful alcohol consumption in primary health care settings. The Italian team included representatives from governmental as well as non – governmental organizations, health professional organizations and groups, scientific organizations. Following a track provided by the PHEPA project, the country team has tried, where possible, to identify a series of priorities to be implemented nationwide by mean a programme of actions particularly focused on prevention and health promotion and including targeted approaches for young people. Among the aims of the strategy is to have the strategy endorsed by a number of key partners and stakeholders at the National, regional and local level and to submit the strategy to the Ministry of Health for a possible development of a formalized integration of specific items into the daily GPs activities.
  • Created by
    • Isabelle Jeffares
  • Author(s)
    • Scafato, E., Allamani, A., Codenotti, T., Marcomini, F., Patussi, V., Rossi, A., Struzzo, P., Russo, R. & the PHEPA Italian Country Team
  • Mepmis Languages EN
  • Publisher
    • Primary Health Care European Project on Alcohol (PHEPA)
  • Web Publishing Date
    • 31/12/2004

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