Work2health is a specialist international consultancy providing expertise in organisational development and the promotion of health and wellbeing via the workplace.  We provide training, run Masterclasses, develop programmes and resources, and undertake quantitative and qualitative research projects. We develop and deliver training packages on topics including pressure management, communication and listening skills, return to work and alcohol and drugs for the private and public sectors. We produce technical reports (for WHO) and have been closely involved in setting up the European Network for Workplace Health Promotion and the development of two pan-European projects on best practice in workplace health promotion - in large companies and SMEs. We are focused on how organisations take up health initiatives, and especially on how they involve and communicate with their staff.


Work Research Centre

Founded in 1988, Work Research Centre has been involved in research and development and training activities since its inception.  We focus on a range of workplace issues, the most prominent being work and health (mental and physical), work and disability and diversity at work.  We have worked at international and national level in these areas and have undertaken some of the seminal research work on disability in recent years in Europe (e.g. Optiwork, ENAT) and we have also been involved in developing policy in the area in Ireland and the UK.  We have much experience in relation to training and e-learning development, most notably in recent times in the LDV sponsored Dimant and Re-integrate projects.


Dutch Center Work Health

The Dutch Center Work Health supports people and organisations in developing strategies, policy implementation and translating innovative ideas into concrete products and applications within the field of workplace health promotion. The organisation has extensive experience of providing a range of services including providing advice and support to employers, coordinating projects, organising conferences e.g. congress meetings, developing research methodologies, professional directives and products, undertaking qualitative, practice based and action oriented research, providing courses, training, coaching and multi medium reporting.


EWORX S.A. is an ICT Company based in Athens, Greece. The company was established in 2001 by professionals with extensive experience in providing IT services nationally and internationally. The company employs 20+ ICT professionals of which 35% have postgraduate degree, representing a variety of nationalities and cultures. EWORX customers include public and private sector organisations such as the European Commission, European Institutions, Greek Ministries, Industry and NGO’s. EWORX belongs to the European Network of Centres of Excellence in Design for All and is an iForce Partner of Sun Microsystems. EWORX has been identified as one of the top Independent Software Developers in Europe and is included in the latest report ISVs in Europe – The Top 1500


The Nofer Institute of Occupational Medicine (NIOM), is an independent research and development centre covering various areas of occupational and environmental health. NIOM provides background research and expertise to numerous governmental agencies, local administrations, trade unions and industry. It promotes healthy lifestyles and has been involved in post-graduate training, editorial and regulatory activities. The National Centre for Workplace Health Promotion is responsible at NIOM for research and analysis of conditions, processes and effects of workplace health promotion (WHP) at the national, regional and enterprise level as well as of health related behaviour determinants in the working population; training of specialist; popularisation, implementation and evaluation of WHP. The Centre coordinates activities of the National Network for Workplace Health Promotion, publishing over 12 manuals on WHP.



Since 2001 the aim of DSGI Human Engineering Ltd. is to serve the domestic manufacturing and service business delivery with theoretical knowledge and practical experience of ergonomics. Ergonomics in the continuous challenge for us, to create harmoni between the humans and the artificial environment. DSGI Human Engineering Ltd. is a recognised vocal educational institute in Hungary with accredited work-place ergonomic course, and with several health promotion and mental healt trainings. For us the implemented ISO 9001 system, the enhanced professional network both on national and international level guarantee the high quality of our work. Though memberships in national organisation we have connections with ENWHP, IUHPE, International Ergonomics Association, the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work.


University of Perugia

Founded in 1954 under the auspices of the WHO as a voluntary association of the University of Perugia and local non-governmental bodies of the Umbria Region, the Experimental Centre for Health Education became a University Centre in 1963.  It carries out basic and continuous training activities in health education and promotion for health services, schools, workplaces and third sector social-health professionals; undertakes research on health education and promotion; tests methodologies and edits the production of bibioliographical and audio-visual materials. Within the field of research a special section is dedicated to health and safety at work, focusing on workplace health promotion. The Centre hosts the National Operational Unit for WHP in Italy and arranges the annual National Information day on WHP. It also produces tools for WHP implementation (for SMEs in particular) and has created an informal network of experts and companies. Recently the department has led an EU project 

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