The MEPMIS project is funded by the Leonardo Da Vinci Programme. All projects and products funded by the programme are hosted on a database called ADAM.

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  • "Alcolisti Anonimi d'Italia"
    I membri di A.A. prestano la loro opera in modo spontaneo e gratuito, in primo luogo per curare se stessi: far parte di A.A. non costa nulla. L'unico requisito per esserne membri è un desiderio di smettere di bere
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  • "Alkoholizm i Narkomania" ("Alcohol and Drug Abuse") - Journal published by the Institute of Psychiatry and Neurology
    Alkoholizm i Narkomania has been published since 1988 by the Polish Psychiatric Association and the Institute of Psychiatry and Neurology. The aim of the journal is to strengthen and integrate the scientific community on the one hand, and to built bridges between science and practice, on the other. It acts as a forum for exchange of experiences between different professional worlds. The journal is addressed to the professionals doing research on psychoactive substances, to practitioners working in this field and to all interested in alcohol and drug problems. It has an interdisciplinary character and publishes articles on alcohol and other drug related problems, examined from the variety of perspectives, as basic research, clinical, epidemiological and social aspects.
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  • Substance Abuse Professional, Due Diligence and Addiction in the Workplace
    Only 4% of people with alcohol and drug problems are on skid row. Where are the other 96%? They live near you or with you, work beside you, provide you services, etc. They are in your community presently active in their addiction. It costs companies money to keep people working with an addiction problem..
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  • American Council for Drug education’s Facts for Employers
    Facts for Employers is intended to help the business community realize the power it has to enable workers across America to deal thoughtfully and knowledgeably with drug use and the possibility of drug use – by their children, their friends and neighbors, and their co-workers..
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  • BNET. Dealing with drug and alcohol abuse in the workplace
    What Is BNET? BNET provides working professionals with the tools, advice, and insight they need to succeed in today's workplace. This isn't a site for those who merely punch the clock: It's for people who are committed to nurturing their own excellence, who believe in the meaning of work, and who know that a fulfilling career is an excellent way to make personal ambitions come true..
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