Alcohol, health and policy: the Italian perspective

Learning from the past, Italy will go ahead in the next National Health Plan in setting targets on alcohol promoting moderation in alcohol consumption and will monitor the drinking habits of the population taking into account at least the following variables: The aims are that the NHP 2000-2003 (to be implemented starting from autumn 2001) should contain a multidimensional key areas framework supporting specific targets that can: - Promote healthier lifestyles and habits (life skills) - Tackle misleading risk-taking cultures - Improve settings (family, schools, communities) - Strengthen health protection of vulnerable groups - Decrease “gradients” within and between groups (inequities in health) and reduce harm
  • Created by
    • Isabelle Jeffares
  • Author(s)
    • Scafato, E., Piergiorgio, Z., Rosaria, R., & Gloriana, B.
  • Mepmis Languages EN
  • Publisher
    • Istituto Superiore di Sanità, Osservatorio su fumo, alcol e droga, Roma
  • Web Publishing Date
    • 31/12/2001
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