Employees' reactions to an interactive website assessing alcohol use and risk for alcohol dependence, stress level and coping

Objective: We assessed employee's reactions to using a website-based intervention designed to identify moderate and high-risk drinkers and to reduce their problematic drinking. Methods: One hundred and eighty-seven participants completed a prewebsite-intervention survey, website intervention, and a follow-up survey assessing participants' reactions to the website. The website provided feedback regarding participants' alcohol use, risk of lifetime or current alcohol dependence, stress level, and coping style. Participants identified as at 'low' or 'moderate' risk for alcohol-related problems were randomly assigned to receive either 'limited individualized feedback' or 'full individualized feedback'. High-risk participants were given the full individualized feedback intervention. Results: Twenty-three per cent were identified to be at high risk of having alcohol-related problems, and 17% were at moderate risk. Most participants viewed the site information as interesting and easy to use. High-risk participants were more interested in alcohol-related information than were other participants. Eight per cent of the respondents reported a change in their drinking with this brief intervention. Conclusion: These findings demonstrate the potential of the Internet to attract and engage persons who are high- or moderate-risk for alcohol-related problems in learning more about their risk as well as about their stress and their strategies for coping.

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