Alcohol drinking as an issue in the workplace [chapter in:] Workplace Health Promotion. Selected programmes.

Alcohol is an area where intervention is needed in a workplace. A short explanation of general problems associated with alcohol is provided along with the concept of AA together with Employee Assistance Programmes. Rules and procedures of the WHO, the ILO and the UN model for alcohol and drugs’ control programmes are described. The chapter focuses on models and experiences of western countries. However, this resource covers more general guidelines.
  • Created by
    • Isabelle Jeffares
  • Author(s)
    • Ewa Wojdyłło – Osiatyńska [chapter] in Andrzej Gniazdowski (editor)
  • Mepmis Languages EN
  • Publisher
    • Nofer Institute of Occupational Medicine
  • Web Publishing Date
    • 31/12/1998

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