“Stay in Green Zone” workplace drug and alcohol prevention program - Guideline 2. The situation and the possibilities of improvement

This Guideline involves the following reports: The possibilities for improvement upon implementation of the “Stay in Green Zone” workplace drug and alcohol prevention program; Best practice in terms of screening for drug use at national and multinational and governmental organisations; With CSR for health promotion of the human resources at regional and local level, the prevention of harmful use of alcohol and drug; Health promotion for human resources at local level, the possibilities of mapping local needs and the availablity of a variety of workplace methods.
  • Created by
    • Isabelle Jeffares
  • Author(s)
    • György Kaucsek, Péter Simon
  • Mepmis Languages EN
  • Publisher
    • Institute for Social Policy and Labour
  • Web Publishing Date
    • 31/12/2010

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