WHO Framework for alcohol policy in the WHO European Region

The Framework: • represents a broad vision for alcohol policy developments in the WHO European Region and a common understanding of the need to prevent or reduce alcohol-related harm; • provides guiding principles and policy goals, and gives clarity with respect to objectives, roles, and responsibilities; • reaffirms and creates continuity and a common platform for the existing instruments: the European Charter on Alcohol, the European Alcohol Action Plan (EAAP) and the Declaration on Young People and Alcohol, as the principal documents for alcohol policy development in the Region; • facilitates consolidation and synergy with other international, national and local public health initiatives; and • provides a rationale and guidance for the ongoing process of reviewing and realigning policies and programmes at local, national and international levels. Alcohol is a complex policy area with many issues that have long been disputed. Some of these are addressed by the framework to an extent not possible in the European Charter, the EAAP or the Declaration on Young People and Alcohol. Future developments may raise additional issues and challenges that should be met appropriately by Member States and the Regional Office, and incorporated into future revisions of the framework.

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