Drug free workplace kit

DWP has unique and nationally important regulatory, knowledge development, and technical assistance roles and responsibilities for Federal and non-Federal workplaces, with respect to their drug-free workplace policies and programs. For example, DWP is responsible for two principal activities mandated by Executive Order and Public Law: 1) oversight of the Federal Drug-Free Workplace Program, which aims to eliminate illicit drug use in the Federal workplace; and 2) oversight of the National Laboratory Certification Program, which certifies laboratories to conduct forensic drug testing for Federal agencies and federally regulated industries. To help it meet these two responsibilities, DWP has developed a variety of resources and techniques for addressing substance abuse in workplaces, in part through the provision of primary substance abuse-prevention, early identification, and intervention services for adult and youthful employees, and for their families and communities. DWP has assembled this Kit from the most promising methods, techniques, and approaches that have been and are being developed and supported by practitioners, researchers, and evaluators in the field, including those that are included in SAMHSA's National Registry of Evidence-based Programs and Practices. Throughout the Kit there are many citations that have been included for further reading. The kit is available to download from the website.

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