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  • 05/08/2011 - MEPMIS Launch
    The inauguration of the MEPMIS learning resources will take place on 22nd September at The Royal Society for the Promotion of Health. The event will present, for the first time, the MEPMIS e-learning package and the face-to-face training resource and how they are addressing a need of line managers across Europe.
  • 08/03/2011 - 'Promotion of Mental Health and Wellbeing in Workplaces' Conference in Berlin 3/4 March 2011
    The Mep Mis partners hosted a very successful exhibition at the above conference. We were visted by representatives of over 40 organisatione European wide from countries including Cyprus, Slovenia, Sweden, Denmark, Greece, UK, Germany, Austria etc. Many of the representatives felt that the outcomes of the project e.g.the e-learning package and the face to face training would be very useful in their countries. We will keep you informed of developments.
  • 07/09/2010 - Call for action to reduce the harmful use of alcohol
    For the first time, delegations from all 193 Member States of World Health Organization (WHO) reached consensus at the World Health Assembly on a resolution to confront the harmful use of alcohol -- which contributes to poor health globally, can devastate families and damage the structure of communities.
  • 21/07/2010 - Drinking and driving ban (24th June 2010)
    This news item refers to legislation passed in Ireland on 23rd June to reduce the drink-driving limit. Under The Road Traffic Bill 2009, drivers caught with blood alcohol levels between the new lower alcohol limits and the existing one – between 50mg and 80mg - face a €200 fine and three penalty points rather than a driving ban..
  • 21/07/2010 - Drug and alcohol misuse a significant cause of lost productivity (17 September 2007)
    Research carried out by CIPD and People Management magazine suggests that four out of ten employers believe alcohol misuse is a significant cause of employee absence and lost productivity and one third of organisations report that drug misuse has a similarly negative effect in the workplace..

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