University of Michigan Health Management Research Center 30th Annual Wellness in the Workplace Conference "Next Practices for Champion Companies"

Next Practices for Champion Companies topics 

  •    Transforming last year's Best Practices into Next Practices
  •    Two sessions about the future of Population Health Management
  •    High performing companies and city/county governments
  •    Integrating family and community with employee and workplace
  •    Creating and maintaining a healthy environment and culture
  •    Zero Trends in all outcomes

NEW THIS YEAR! The conference will include a two-hour open discussion / question-and-answer session with Dee Edington and Friends for all attendees, registered for either or both days, the evening of March 9th. 

For a list of speakers, registration information and more, please visit the Conferences at UM-HMRC <> webpage or call us at (734) 764-8179.

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