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Small and medium businesses across Wales are being invited to access a new set of guidelines to help deal with employees whose drink or drug intake might affect their work. In Wales more than half a million working days are lost each year as a result of alcohol related problems. Though difficult to quantify, this has been estimated to cost employers in Wales up to £120 million per year.
Representatives from seven European countries have united on a project to produce a comprehensive information and training resource, which has been led by work2health ltd, a Wales based workplace health and wellbeing company.
The Leonardo Foundation, part of the European Commission’s Lifelong Learning Programme, funded a project called Mepmis – Maximising Employee Potential by Minimising the Impact of Substances – to provide managers with the knowledge, skills and confidence to take appropriate action. 
The result is a dedicated website, an electronic learning package for managers and a comprehensive face-to-face training course geared to addressing a culture which is globally costing organisations and economies many millions in absenteeism, under-performance and workplace accidents.
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