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The aim of the MEPMIS Project is to develop a training resource (web based, & face to face) for trainers and managers in small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) that will equip them with the appropriate skills and sufficient knowledge and understanding to enable them to deal both proactively and reactively with the issue of substances and their impact on work / employment.

If you are interested in the training resources that have been developed as part of the MEPMIS project please contact work2health for more details


  • 22/10/2011 - Alcohol Awareness Week 2011
    Did you know.... •Every minute alcohol-related problems cost the UK economy around £48,000 •Every hour more than 100 people go into hospital in England and Wales with an alcohol-related condition •Every day more than 40 people die as a result of alcohol in England and Wales •Every week more than 100 children call ChildLine upset about their parents' ...
  • 30/09/2011 - Successes and failures of health policy in Europe
    Europe, with its 53 very diverse countries, is a remarkable but inadequately exploited natural laboratory for studying health policy. Research so far has largely focused on the lessons that can be learnt from different ways of delivering health services. Yet, there is potentially much more that can be learnt from differences in how these countries have ad...
  • 05/08/2011 - MEPMIS Launch
    The inauguration of the MEPMIS learning resources will take place on 22nd September at The Royal Society for the Promotion of Health. If you would like to attend the event,please contact the MEPMIS UK project managers at work2health on 02920388477.


  • "Alcolisti Anonimi d'Italia"
    I membri di A.A. prestano la loro opera in modo spontaneo e gratuito, in primo luogo per curare se stessi: far parte di A.A. non costa nulla. L'unico requisito per esserne membri è un desiderio di smettere di bere
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  • Bollettino Dipendenze
    Dal 1991, il Ministero della Salute promuove la diffusione di informazioni nazionali ed internazionali sulle dipendenze da sostanze, tramite un progetto realizzato in collaborazione con l'UNICRI
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  • "Alkoholizm i Narkomania" ("Alcohol and Drug Abuse") - Journal published by the Institute of Psychiatry and Neurology
    Alkoholizm i Narkomania has been published since 1988 by the Polish Psychiatric Association and the Institute of Psychiatry and Neurology. The aim of the journal is to strengthen and integrate the scientific community on the one hand, and to built bridges between science and practice, on the other. It acts as a forum for exchange of experiences between...
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  • 27/03/2013 - European Network for Workplace Health promotion (ENWHP) launches return to work guidelines
    The ENWHP has just launched European Guidelines on Return to Work for people with chronic illnesses, including mental health problems. These guidelines are aimed at managers in enterprises and they provide a practical guide to ensuring that the employee has the best possible chance of successfully returning to work. Produced by the PhWork project, the gu...
  • 24/08/2012 - New EU study on alcohol and drugs at work
    Alcohol and drugs represent a serious problem for a significant percentage of the working population (5%–20% of workers), especially in some sectors and occupations. Consumption of alcohol and drugs at work can have negative impacts for individuals and organisations in terms of health problems, more instances of sick leave/short-term absenteeism, reduced ...
  • 06/02/2012 - UK charity urges government to act on workplace drinking
    Alcohol Concern has written to Vince Cable, secretary of state for Business, Innovation and Skills, to call for greater focus on alcohol issues in the workplace, which have a major negative impact on productivity.

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