Osservatorio Permanente sui Giovani e l’Alcool

The Osservatorio Permanente sui Giovani e l’Alcool was established on March 1991. Its aim has always been collecting scientifically reliable information on the patterns of alcohol consumption and the alcohol related problems in the Italian youth population and putting it at disposal of the scientific and national community. During these years the mission of the Osservatorio was the promotion of researches carried out according to the integration of the different disciplines, aimed at gaining a global vision of the phenomenon. Starting from a bio-psycho-social approach to teh alcohol related matters the Osservatorio tried to integrate and enlarge the "medical" dimension of the problem by analyzing more in depth the psycho-social and anthropological-cultural aspects of the individual or collective behaviours, including the economic and political aspects. Taking inspiration from the principle of "social alcohology", which especially at European level is gaining more and more approval, the Osservatorio has played a primary role in identifying effective strategies of excess prevention which take in account the cultural and behavioural differences. The increasing attention paid to the alcohol related matters arose the need of a better organization of the Osservatorio through a larger number of its partners. The changing youth reality together with the increasing globalization made necessary an enlargement of the subjects traditionally dealt with by the Osservatorio as well as strenghthening its European network. Young people nutrition behaviours and lifestyles have therefore been analyzed in compared researches and a permanent collaboration with European structures allowed a reflection on how to work out strategies of prevention that can be modified to fit the different countries. In this frame an increasing attention will be paid to the promotion of international cooperation allowing the comparison and the exchange of experiences and the mutual collaboration among structures and experts at the highest level.

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